UL- Vitalink MC/NCC Fire Resistive Instrumentation Cables – 16AWG



Vitalink MC/NCC Fire Resistive Instrumentation Cable – 16AWG

90/75degC, 600V, NEC Type MC-HL, UL Listed CWCMC

30min@2000degF(1093degC), Rapid Rise Test witnessed by UL.

Passes IEC 60331 Flame test modified to 3hours @ 2000degF

Conductor : Stranded, Nickel Coated Copper

Insulation : Low Smoke Zero Halogen thermoset Fire-Roc Layer

Circuit Identification : Black Insulation with printed numbers and color.

Black & White for Pair, Black, White & RED for Triads

Binder : Helically applied

Amour : Continuously welded and corrugated aluminum

Outer Jacket : Flame Retardant PVC. Optional : LSZH Polyolefin

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Part Number Description Quantity
GTI#VP24016006 12Prx16awg, Shielded Pair (SPOS), Amour OD : 1.71”, OD: 1.84”
GTI#VP02016007 1Prx16awg, Shielded Pair, Amour OD : 0.66”, OD: 0.76”
GTI#VP03016004 1TRx16awg, Shielded Triad, Amour OD : 0.66”, OD: 0.76”
GTI#VP04016002 2Prx16awg, Shielded Pair (SPOS), Amour OD : 0.97”, OD: 1.07”
GTI#VP08016000 4Prx16awg, Shielded Pair (SPOS), Amour OD : 1.13”, OD: 1.23”
GTI#VP16016002 8Prx16awg, Shielded Pair (SPOS), Amour OD : 1.46”, OD: 1.56”
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