8562 – Ex MCB – C Curve – 6KA



Stahl Ex 8562 MCB, C Curve, 6KA

Suitable for use in Class 1 Zone 1/2 location


Up to maximum 40A.

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Part Number Description Quantity
GTI#8562511030060 8562/51-1030-060, 6KA, 1P, 6A MCB
GTI#8562511030100 8562/51-1030-100, 6KA, 1P, 10A MCB
GTI#8562511030160 8562/51-1030-160, 6KA, 1P, 16A MCB
GTI#8562511030200 8562/51-1030-200, 6KA, 1P, 20A MCB
GTI#8562512030020 8562/51-2030-020, 6KA, 2P, 2A MCB
GTI#8562512030060 8562/51-2030-060, 6KA, 2P, 6A MCB
GTI#8562512030100 8562/51-2030-100, 6KA, 2P, 10A MCB
GTI#8562512030320 8562/51-2030-320, 6KA, 2P, 32A MCB
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