Ex Terminal Block – WFF series



Weidmuller Ex WFF Terminal Blocks

Wire Range : 35 to 300mmsq

Certification : Ex e II2 G D, ATEX

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Part Number Description Quantity
GTI#WS1265H Terminal marking Horizontal *advise marking legend
GTI#1059000000 WEW 35/1, End bracket.
GTI#1029500000 WFF120/AH Terminal with Hood Wire : 16 to 150mmsq
GTI#1029600000 WFF185/AH Terminal with Hood Wire : 25 to 240mmsq
GTI#1029700000 WFF300/AH Terminal with Hood Wire : 50 to 300mmsq
GTI#1029300000 WFF35/AH Terminal with Hood Wire : 6 to 35mmsq
GTI#1029400000 WFF70/AH Terminal with Hood Wire : 16 to 70mmsq
GTI#1065100000 WQL2 WFF120, 2pole terminal link for WFF120
GTI#1065200000 WQL2 WFF185, 2pole terminal link for WFF185
GTI#1065300000 WQL2 WFF300, 2pole terminal link for WFF300
GTI#1064900000 WQL2 WFF35, 2pole terminal link for WFF35
GTI#1065000000 WQL2 WFF70, 2pole terminal link for WFF70
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