Parts for Shower Eyewash Facewash Assemblies



Encon parts for Shower, Eyewash (EW)/Facewash(FW)

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Part Number Description Quantity
GTI#01112892 Emergency Shower/Eyewash sign, 7”x11”
GTI#01052131 EW Pressurized Float-off cover, 8” cover
GTI#01052122 FW Assembly, ABS Heads & Wye, ½” inlet, 8.0gpm
GTI#01052001 Pull Rod with Graphic, 29”
GTI#01054003 Shower Head Assembly, ABS, 1” connection, 30gpm
GTI#01052101 Valve & Push plate with Graphic kit, ½” CP Bronze with nut
GTI#01110462 Yello-Bowl, ABS
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