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Part Number
Item Name
Unit Price
Part Number 155323
Item Name Stahl 3position, Key operated button
Unit Price S$91.40
Part Number 155369
Item Name Stahl 2position, small rotary actuator padlockableStahl#8602A0727-1-2-r-V
Unit Price S$38.00
Part Number 155370
Item Name Stahl 3position, small handle padlockable, "I-0-II"HS CODE: 85389099COO: GERMANY
Unit Price S$42.70
Part Number 155399
Item Name Stahl Pushbutton ActuatorStahl#8602A0001-1HS CODE: 85389099COO: GERMANY
Unit Price S$35.10
Part Number 155497
Item Name Stahl Twin Pushbutton ActuatorStahl#8602A0023-1HS CODE: 85389099COO: GERMANY
Unit Price S$57.40
Part Number 155512
Item Name Stahl D38 Mushroom, RED, Actuator with Key LockStahl#8602A0009-1-MS1HS CODE:85366990COO: GERMANY
Unit Price S$132.20
Part Number 223691
Item Name Stahl Pushbutton PN#8602C3-001-B
Unit Price S$69.00
Part Number 223697
Item Name Stahl D39 Mushroom, RED, ActuatorStahl#8602C3010B HS CODE: 85389099COO:GERMANY
Unit Price S$98.40
Part Number 227211
Item Name Stahl Large rotary actuator, Black Type# 8602C3-728-B-90X-E08
Unit Price S$80.50
Part Number 244871
Item Name Stahl 8602C3-754 for actuated pushbutton
Unit Price S$59.00
Part Number 264001
Item Name Stahl Small actuator Switch for 8008 Non padlockable PN#8602A07321H.S CODE: 85389099
Unit Price S$42.70
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