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What We Offer

Lighting Audit

With our partners, we enable our clients to Minimize the number of lights used, while having the Maximum Lumen using modern technologies.

Our audits consist of:
  • Visit to client’s facilities to evaluate current lumen output
  • Design & Provide comprehensive lighting proposal as per site condition
  • Provide lumen check after installation
Full EX and Non EX Lighting Control solution

Our full Lighting Control solution provide Central Control using different technology like DALI to enable different devices to communicate with each other. We able to incorporate a full solution ranging from UPS, Distribution Boards, Control Panels to Touch Panels with different lighting manufacturers.

We help customers to save cost in term of Man-power – cut down manual inspection of lights, pre-emp the life of the fixtures, preparing the right model for replacement.
Energy saving – Using different function like dimming, switching ON-OFF and different scene etc. Optimise – we help to design and optimise layout using the most efficient devices to achieve the final result.

Heat Tracing System solution
  • We manage the heat you need towards your pipe freeze protection, process temperature maintenance and process heat‐up applications.
  • Partnering with several manufacturers, we are able to provide a complete system including Isolation switches, transformer, control and monitoring panels, power connections, heating cable, end terminations, and related accessories.
Good reasons to buy from us:
  1. We provide a complete design system that meets your project requirements.
  2. We have ready stocks for additional lines and quick project turn around.
  3. We are open to accept Surplus material return.
  4. We provide training to your in-house contractors with transparency man-our pricing and hence manage project within budget.
  5. We provide optional onsite-supervision from initial installation to complete system turn-on.
MCT – Mass Cable Transit system

With the support of our manufacturers, we are able to design and support different frames to cater to different site requirements.

We help to provide:
  • Safety: meet the fire safety and Hazardous location requirement
  • Frames: different material for different environments.
  • System – different penetration ranging for Power cables, Instrument cables, Busbar system, HVAC piping, EMC…etc
  • Installation: Site audit, revamp of existing system, on-site training and supervision.


Bespoke Control Panels and Enclosures design

We are able to design IP66 rated control panels and enclosures that meet stringent site conditions. Materials option range from SS304, SS316L, Power coated Steel to GRP/FRP.

Cable Identification Solutions
  • What is cable identification?

    Cable identification is labelling of a cable or a wire and allowing the user to trace & troubleshoot effectively and efficiently. The labelling is usually in the form of a using a specific markers or labels, and are fixed to a cable or wire.

  • Why choose Greentech?

    In Greentech International, we provide quality Polyester tags for Indoor Application to EMBOSS to LASER marking of Stainless-Steel tags that can withstand Harsh Weather conditions!

Let us know where you want your tags to be, and we will provide the best solutions to your needs.

System and Inventory Management system

We provide different system to cater to different needs. Call us for more details.

  1. Inventory Management.
  2. Surplus reduction programs.
  3. Cable Management programs.
  4. Ariba PunchOut site.
  5. MRO Blanket Pricing agreement.
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