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Unit Price
Part Number 78667700183
Item Name Philips Ballast Et-E 60 220-230V 50/60H
Unit Price S$6.90
Part Number 78667700211
Item Name HIDPVM1X035SCDMHPF ; Ballast Philips Hidpvm1X035Scdmhpf (913700696166)
Unit Price S$72.20
Part Number 78667700231
Item Name HIDPVC070SCDM ; Ballast Philips Hidpvc070Scdm 220-240 (913700652966)
Unit Price S$51.00
Part Number 78667700233
Item Name EB-Certalume for TLD lamps
Unit Price S$15.00
Part Number 78667700339
Item Name HFS218TLD ; Ballast; Philips Hfs 218Tld Ii Ballast
Unit Price S$28.50
Part Number 78667700350
Item Name BPL18W ; Ballast Philips Bpl18W 18W Magnetic 230V For Plc18W-2P (913710121450)
Unit Price S$6.20
Part Number 78667700413
Item Name 910503703795; eW Graze QLX Powercore 4ft 10x60 2700K L1219 10 x 60 degree
Unit Price S$2319.40
Part Number 78667700414
Item Name 910503704077 ; Graze Powercore, upgrade, Jumper cable 1ft CE/CCC, 108-000057-04
Unit Price S$121.00
Part Number 78613500133
Item Name PTFIT35220240S ; Lamp Osram Pt Fit 35W Electronic Ballast For Metal Halide Lamp Std Pack 20Pcs/Ctn. Ean:4008321386625
Unit Price S$39.10
Part Number 78613500134
Item Name PTFIT70220240S ; Lamp,Electronic Ballast For Metal Halide Lamp 70W 220-240V (Standard Pack Of 20Pcs / Carton). Ean:4008321386649
Unit Price S$39.10
Part Number 78613500136
Item Name PTI20220240S ; Lamp,Electronic Ballast For Metal Halide Lamp 20W 220-240V (Standard Pack Of 20Pcs / Carton)
Unit Price S$66.80
Part Number 78667700328
Item Name Electronic Ballast, Philips
Unit Price S$29.00
Part Number 78667700404
Item Name HIDPV35S ; Ballast, PHILIPS HID PV m 35/S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz Ballast
Unit Price S$72.20
Part Number HFR21435TL5
Item Name PHILIPS HF-R 2 14-35 TL5 EII 220-240V 50/60HZ ELECTRONIC BALLAST (standard pack of 12pcs/ctn)
Unit Price S$32.90
Part Number HFS21428TL5
Item Name Philips HFS 214- 28 TL5 BALAST 12nc
Unit Price S$31.30
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