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Ex Linear R. Stahl

Part Number
Item Name
Unit Price
Part Number 6002412801001521110228500
Item Name Stahl Linear LED 6002/4 22w 2ft, 110-240VAC, Entries: 3 x M25(METAL)
Unit Price S$747.50
Part Number 6002414801001521110228500
Item Name Stahl Linear LED 6002/4 42W 4ft, 110-240VAC, Entries : 3 x M25 (METAL)
Unit Price S$920.00
Part Number 6402414861001522220228500
Item Name Stahl Linear LED 6402/4 42w 4ft 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, IP66 5000k, 5810lms
Unit Price S$586.50
Part Number 60361212453015111
Item Name Stahl Tubular Light Fitting with LED, Series 6036, Size 1
Unit Price S$897.00
Part Number 600941482103162111022850011
Item Name Stahl Linear LED Emergency 6009 series 45W 4ft, w limit switch, Entries: 3xM25(Metal)
Unit Price S$1920.50
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