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Item Name Custom Made Metal Corner Guard painted with Yellow / Black, Dim : 75 x 75 x 1200mm x 4mm
Unit Price S$134.09
Part Number 80641100002
Item Name Viking - Royal Flush White
Unit Price S$47.52
Part Number 88000002111
Item Name FIBREBOARD4X8X15MM ; Fibreboard Misc Medium-Density Fibreboard 4'X8'X15Mm MOQ: 20 PCS
Unit Price S$64.35
Part Number 88000002453
Item Name CW822JT1 ; Wc Misc Cw822Jt1 Avante - Wall Hung Wc - White (60025388) (Lead time : 2 - 3 month)
Unit Price S$533.50
Part Number 88000002813
Item Name M5X100MMWINGBOLT ; Wing Bolt M5; Stainless Steel; Length 100 Mm
Unit Price S$5.28
Part Number 88000002814
Item Name ALUMRV316X38 ; Rivets; Aluminium Pop Rivet 3/16" X 3/8" 500'S/Box
Unit Price S$24.75
Part Number 88000002830
Unit Price S$6.27
Part Number 88000003055
Item Name FLOORGRATINGCUSTOMIZED ; Floor Grating To Supply 6" X 6" X 3Mm Stainless Steel Floor Grating. To Grind Off 4 Pcs Of Stainless Steel Strap On Each Coner And To Re- Wield Each 4 Corners With Stainless Steel Bolt And Nut. Grating Cover Normal Screw To Change
Unit Price S$70.62
Part Number 88000003100
Item Name FRAME698X198X21 ; Aluminium Frame C/W Aluminium Mesh; Size 625X508X20Mm
Unit Price S$101.20
Part Number 88000003216
Item Name BALLVALVE12 ; Valve 1/2" Cr Mini Ball Valve
Unit Price S$6.27
Part Number 88000003218
Item Name ADGS1238 ; Adapter 1/2" X 3/8 Brass Adapter
Unit Price S$6.60
Part Number 88000003332
Item Name COMPRESSOROIL ; Compressor Oil / 1 Ltr
Unit Price S$32.78
Part Number 88000003344
Item Name OAK121S ; Supply Of Veneer Inclusive Sanding:- Oak 12-1S Veneer 2 Ft X 8 Ft (Sample 1)
Unit Price S$51.04
Part Number 88000003345
Item Name VENEER032 ; Supply Of Veneer Inclusive Sanding:- #032 Veneer 2 Ft X 8 Ft (Sample 2)
Unit Price S$55.88
Part Number 88000003346
Item Name RECONGENOVA140V ; Supply Of Veneer Inclusive Sanding:- Recon Genova Oak Qc Veneer 140V 2 Ft X 8 Ft (Sample 3)
Unit Price S$51.70
Part Number 88000003526
Item Name CHAIN5MMX2M ; Chain; 5Mm X 2M Galvanized Chain C/W Black Cloth
Unit Price S$49.94
Part Number 88000003527
Item Name CHAIN10MMX2M ; Chain; 10Mm X 2M Galvanized Chain C/W Black Cloth
Unit Price S$70.51
Part Number 88000003537
Item Name USHAPEPLATE ; Custom Made Stainless Steel 316 ( 3Mm ) Semi U-Shape Plate With 3 Holes Dia. 6.5 (2) & 5.5 (1) (Price Quoted Base On Moq : 300 Pcs)
Unit Price S$12.43
Part Number 88000003582
Item Name SSCHAIN3MMX10FT ; Stainless Steel Chain3Mm X 10 Ft
Unit Price S$31.02
Part Number 88000003657
Item Name TARPAULIN4X6 ; Tarpaulin Size 4M X 6M
Unit Price S$135.85
Part Number 88000003682
Unit Price S$129.69
Part Number 88000003697
Item Name PULLRING ; Pull Ring; Used At Skypark Flooring
Unit Price S$10.89
Part Number 88000003828
Item Name RUBBERROLLER ; Rubber Roller
Unit Price S$28.49
Part Number 88000003829
Item Name FLOORGULLYTRAP ; Spind Ii Floor Gully Trap Spind Ii Plastic Grating Collar C/W Bowl Mini & Bell Cap Mini. Freight cost involve. Please check with D2A before raising
Unit Price S$8.25
Part Number 88000003830
Item Name PLASTICGRATING ; Spind Mini Plastic Grating Sp Mini Plastic Grating C/W Extra Mini Bowl & Extra Mini Bell Cap. Freight cost involve. Please check with D2A before raising
Unit Price S$9.02
Part Number 88000003878
Item Name DWE6423 ; Dewalt sander DWE 6423, 280W, 8000-1200min
Unit Price S$290.51
Part Number 88000003898
Item Name CAPO9LG14 ; Machining Cap O9 X Lg14 With Knurling And Set Screw. Complete With Electroless Nikel (Moq: 100 Ea)
Unit Price S$17.27
Part Number 88000003947
Item Name FIRESEAL20X4X2200 ; Supply of Fire Seal Size: 20mm x 4mm x 2200mm L MOQ: 50pcs
Unit Price S$18.37
Part Number 88000003948
Item Name FIRESEAL10X4X2200 ; Supply of Fire Seal Size: 10mm x 4mm x 2200mm L MOQ: 50pcs
Unit Price S$15.40
Part Number 88000004472
Item Name K460 ; Mini Latch
Unit Price S$4.40
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