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Part Number 88000002748
Item Name DOORHANDLE ; Handle Misc 12" ( L ) X 3" ( W ) ( Handle Thickness 29Mm X 9") Door Handle
Unit Price S$40.70
Part Number 88000002806
Item Name BEIGEDOORMAGNET ; Door Magnet; Magnetic Door Holder; Beige Color
Unit Price S$3.80
Part Number 88000002829
Item Name SLIDINGDOORROLLER ; Roller; Sliding Door Roller; 2 Pcs Per Set
Unit Price S$87.50
Part Number 88000002831
Item Name SLIDINGDOORROLLER ; Roller; Sliding Door Roller Only
Unit Price S$32.90
Part Number 88000002834
Item Name DOORSTOPPER140MM ; Door Stopper; Stainless Steel; 140Mm
Unit Price S$15.40
Part Number 88000002861
Item Name DOORLEDGE ; Door Ledge Magnetic Door Ledge White
Unit Price S$6.30
Part Number 88000003383
Item Name SSHHANDLE ; To Supply Stainless Steel "H" Handle (Special Made) As Per Drawing B. Size:32Mm Dia (C/C 445Mm)
Unit Price S$657.90
Part Number 88000003393
Item Name SLIDINGDOORLOCK ; Lock; Sliding Door Lock For Skypark Toilet
Unit Price S$101.60
Part Number 88000003418
Item Name DOORLATCH4INCH ; Door Latch Stainless Steel Sq 4" X 25Mm
Unit Price S$9.40
Part Number 88000003649
Item Name PDSABSOV ; No Neutral Pir Movement Sensors With Override Switch And Absence Mode
Unit Price S$102.50
Part Number 88000003692
Item Name DOORHANDLE8 ; Door Handle; 8" Handle
Unit Price S$26.60
Part Number 88000003791
Item Name FLIPDOORLOCK ; Flipper Door Lock
Unit Price S$20.00
Part Number 88000003882
Item Name DOORKNOBCUSTOM ; Custom Made Door Knob - Metal ( Chrome Coated ) as per given dimension MOQ: 100 PC
Unit Price S$20.00
Part Number 88000004837
Unit Price S$87.00
Part Number 88000005033
Item Name 304 Stainless steel Door Knob Diameter: 30mm, MISC
Unit Price S$19.30
Part Number 88000005034
Item Name 304 Stainless steel Door Knob Diameter: 38mm, MISC
Unit Price S$15.50
Part Number 99077000161
Item Name 307C1012MM ; Plastic Door Seal-307C 10-12Mm Glass
Unit Price S$22.50
Part Number 99149100022
Item Name LEVERHANDLE ; PC Handle Set 8 ST. St Mattin(1 PR)
Unit Price S$76.50
Part Number 99149100026
Item Name DCL33DOORCLOSER ; Concealed Door Closer DCL33NB (931.84.269)
Unit Price S$180.70
Part Number 99149100027
Item Name 32926600 ; Duomatic 110 Deg For Rebate & Profile Doors; For Screwe Fixing
Unit Price S$20.00
Part Number 99149100031
Item Name 91102630 ; Lockcase (Entrance)
Unit Price S$35.50
Part Number 99149100033
Item Name 93184269 ; Dcl 33 Door Closer In Brown Finish
Unit Price S$165.40
Part Number 99149100035
Item Name 24555100 ; Pressure Catch
Unit Price S$6.00
Part Number 99149100049
Item Name SYMO 3000 CYL HOUS NI DRAW 22X
Unit Price S$2.70
Part Number 99149100050
Unit Price S$2.80
Part Number 99164600001
Item Name 453BC ; Door Closer; Atena 453 Bc
Unit Price S$132.90
Part Number 99187000002
Item Name Briton 121CE Fire Door Closer
Unit Price S$233.80
Part Number 99201600003
Item Name Recessed flush mounted profile 556 0 4303 0
Unit Price S$30.00
Part Number SL10701
Item Name Automatic Door Bottom Seal Heavy Duty 1070mm
Unit Price S$173.80
Part Number SL10702
Item Name Heavy duty, fully morticed, automatic door bottom seal, acoustically designed, featuring a silicon gasket for smoke and fire door applications. Finish: Satin clear (silver) anodised aluminium (15┬Ám). Sizes:1070mm.
Unit Price S$187.50
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