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Brattberg Multi Cable Transit (MCT) is a cable and pipe transit sealing system designed to provide reliable protection against the spread of fire, gas, and water in various industries, including marine, offshore, and industrial applications. It is a modular system known for its effectiveness in preventing the passage of fire and other hazards through cable and pipe penetrations in walls and bulkheads.

Key Features of Brattberg MCT:

  1. Modularity: The Brattberg MCT system is modular, allowing for customization to accommodate different types and sizes of cables and pipes. It provides flexibility in designing cable and pipe penetrations based on specific project requirements.
  2. Fire Protection: One of the primary purposes of the Brattberg MCT is to provide fire protection. It is designed to withstand and prevent the spread of fire through cable and pipe openings, helping to maintain the integrity of fire-rated compartments in buildings, ships, and offshore structures.
  3. Gas and Water Tightness: In addition to fire protection, the system also offers gas and water tightness. This is crucial in environments where maintaining the integrity of compartments against the ingress of gases or water is essential for safety and operational reasons.
  4. Easy Installation: The modular design of the Brattberg MCT system is intended to simplify the installation process. The system components are typically easy to assemble, allowing for efficient installation by professionals.
  5. Adaptability to Cable and Pipe Variations: The system is designed to adapt to different cable and pipe variations, including various diameters and shapes. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  6. Certifications: Brattberg MCT systems often comply with international standards and certifications related to fire protection and safety in various industries.
  7. Application in Harsh Environments: The system is suitable for use in harsh environments, such as offshore platforms and marine vessels, where protection against fire and other hazards is critical.

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