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Newson Gale, a renowned leader in static grounding and bonding solutions, specializes in providing innovative products designed to mitigate the risks associated with static electricity during loading and unloading processes in industrial environments. Their grounding systems play a crucial role in ensuring safety and preventing static-related incidents, especially in applications where flammable materials are present.

  1. Loading and Unloading Grounding System: Newson Gale offers advanced Loading and Unloading Grounding Systems designed to address the static electricity hazards that can arise during the transfer of flammable liquids, powders, or gases. These systems are crucial in industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals where static discharge can lead to ignition, resulting in potential fire or explosion risks.
    Key Features:
    • Continuous Monitoring: The grounding systems continuously monitor and verify the grounding condition during the loading and unloading processes, ensuring a reliable ground connection is maintained.
    • Automatic Shut-Off: In the event of a compromised grounding connection, the system may feature an automatic shut-off mechanism to prevent further operations until a safe ground is reestablished.
    • Quick and Secure Connection: These systems often include user-friendly features for quick and secure connection to containers, tanker trucks, or other vessels, ensuring a consistent path to ground.
  2. Static Grounding System: Newson Gale's Static Grounding Systems are designed to control static electricity in various industrial processes where the accumulation of electrostatic charges poses a hazard. These systems are crucial for preventing sparks and discharges that could lead to explosions in atmospheres containing flammable materials.
    Key Features:
    • Visual and Audible Alarms: The static grounding systems may incorporate visual and audible alarms to alert operators when the grounding connection is compromised or incomplete.
    • Certifications: Compliance with industry standards and certifications, such as ATEX and FM approvals, ensures that the static grounding systems meet the highest safety requirements for hazardous environments.
    • Durable Construction: Built with durable materials, these systems can withstand the rigors of industrial operations, providing long-term reliability.

Applications: Newson Gale's grounding systems find applications in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. They are especially critical during loading and unloading operations where the potential for static electricity generation is high.

Conclusion: Newson Gale's Loading and Unloading Grounding Systems and Static Grounding Systems exemplify the company's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for static electricity control. By offering reliable grounding solutions, Newson Gale enhances safety in industrial settings, mitigating the risks associated with static discharges during critical processes like loading and unloading.

Explosion Proof Static Solution

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